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Raw means NEVER frozen, freshly harvested flower extract. Experience a full bodied effect & flavour true to the flower. Hystar’s artisanal approach yields a balanced ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids similar to what is found in the plant naturally.

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TFSE (True Full Spectrum Extract) is a new product category created by Hystar. Our unique extraction methods allow all present terpenes and cannabinoids to remain intact at the time of extraction, leaving behind the same balance of cannabinoids as is found in the fresh flower. Our product combines the syrupy goodness of HTFSE, and the sugar grain of HCFSE, into one delicious extract that contains the purest balance of terpenes and cannabinoids possible. The difference is an experience you will cherish.
Raw resin is extracted from freshly trimmed, never frozen, bud material. Rather than flash freezing and risk losing the sesquiterpenes, we extract from the flower immediately after harvesting. This way we capture the balanced terpene and cannabinoid profile as it exists naturally. The result is a remarkable extract that is lush with a floral pungency and provide you with an effect that is both exhilarating and clear.

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